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Work Truck Bodies sell new and used flatbeds, service bodies, utility bodies, dumps and van bodies. We are distributors for Pacific service bodies, Venco pickup hoists, Venturo truck cranes, Scott dump hoists, Scott flatbeds, contractor and grain/landscaper/tear off bodies, Ampliroll hook lift systems, Roll Rite tarp systems, Boss hydraulic compressors, Morgan van bodies and custom flatbeds. Painting and installation are available and we can Fabricate a custom body as well. Email us at with your needs or call us 

1-253-863-WORK (9675)

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Pacific service bodies

A load of new Pacific service bodies

Truck bodies and dump hoists

A new load of Scott bodies and dump hoists

A new load of flatbed platforms

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Work Truck Bodies  1-253-863-WORK (9675)


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